Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Morning Update #1 - Revised Edition

Okay, so things haven't been going the best here lately on the weight loss front (as if you all couldn't tell!) I backslid quite a ways from losing over 120 pounds. Last Monday, I was back to having lost 70.2 pounds. That's a gain of around 50 pounds in a couple of months without really "trying". I knew what I was doing though and could not seem to help myself. I won't make excuses though because there aren't any that could explain something like what just happened. It's soooooo easy to put it back on and sooooo hard to take it off.

Anyways, we'll get to some good news. I ate pretty well this week and here at the end of it, have done some exercise. I need to start walking at lunch again and take care of some business. But this last week I did lose 6.8 pounds so my overall total is back to 77 pounds lost. I just need to turn the page on the last few months and know that that doesn't have to be my life, it can be anything I want it to be. I want to feel good, I really do.


JenMarie said...

Great job getting back on track!!

Jason said...

Awesome. I'm glad you're back. I debated nosing in on you to see how things were going, but ultimately I'm glad you're back. Keep after it. I know you can put this in the past, make up lost ground, and break into new territory. You're too good a person not to get there!