Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day...Belated, I Know

I made a grievous error yesterday. This blog lacked a post about Father's Day and my dad. I saw him yesterday for a party at my brother's house and got back late last night. I went to bed pretty quickly b/c I was tired but that is really no excuse. So first off, I apologize to my dad for that and being a bad kid.

Anyways, I love my Dad. He means the world to me and I want him to know that. I wouldn't be the man I am today..even though I have my faults(although there are few)...without him. His love, respect, trust and guidance have gotten me through some tough times and without him I'm not sure where I would be. I hope that I make him half as proud of me as I am proud of him. He worked his ass off for his family and although we were sometimes not as appreciative of it then as we should have been, I guess that's one of the follies of youth. He never let us down and was always there with a few words of guidance, a stern hand of discipline if we needed it and an ear for us to bend if something was troubling us. We didn't always see eye-to-eye but that hasn't stopped us from forging a wonderful relationship and one that I cherish. He's not just my dad, he's a great friend as well. If I'm even part of the man that my father is, that'll be enough.

I'm sorry this was a day late but I love you Dad and Happy Father's Day!!!!

Monday Morning Weigh-In #48

Well, got a little bit of good news this morning. I lost 1 pound last week to put my overall total at 105.8 pounds lost. It was a little bit of something. I'm trying to get back to some of my good habits with a few slides here and there so far. I have a month to go before I reach a year gone in all of this and although I'm not exactly where I wanted to be after almost a year I'm still proud of the progress I've made. I haven't totally gone off the reservation when things have been bad, I just need to pick myself back up and get some good results. They're coming, I swear!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Morning Weigh-In #47

Things didn't go great again this week. I basically stayed flat this week, gaining 0.2 pounds putting my total at 104.8 total lost. I'll try to post some more this week but we'll see. Things haven't been the best here lately but they're slowly getting better and calming down some with work. I'm still trying to get stuff done though and get a few other things wrapped up. It's been a looooooong 6 weeks or so.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Morning Weigh-In #46

Well, the backslide has unfortunately continued. I've really been scuffling along here lately as much as I've tried to do better. It just has not translated into success and I know I'm really not doing all the right things. I gained 5.4 pounds back this weekend to put my overall total at 105.0 pounds lost. I'm not going to go under the 100 pound mark. I just really need a nice week at work and to just get into some type of rhythm. I need to quit stopping for fast food when I work later or getting pizza. I've been doing that every once in awhile here lately and I know that's a bad path for me.

Anyways, I'm not making excuses for myself...I've just done poorly and haven't been working at it. I need to make the sacrifices for myself and my general health and well-being. My mood has been sour and kinda pissed off which is definitely something that is affected by eating poorly and not exercising. I just need some good stuff and need to make sure that I focus more on me and the things that I can change and not on those things are superficial stresses and worries. I know it's easier said than done. I'm fighting myself right now and I have to get myself together so that I'm fighting the right fight....the fight against my weight and my "issues" with eating. I'm not surrendering and I'm not giving up. I've still got my fists up and want to fight.