Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So This Sucks A Little!

Happy fun time is over and it SUCKS!! Most things are still good but I woke up this morning in "Holy Shit my back f'ing hurts!!!" Mode. Feels like a knot in my lower back that won't let go. I need to work through this but it is very frustrating because my back had felt so good over the last 2 weeks or so.

Last night Bonny came over and I grilled some chicken that was really pretty good. There were some extras and thats what I had for lunch. She brought over some delicious scalloped corn and showed me how to make lemon shake ups. Very, very good!!

Some other good news, my friend Jeremy passed his PMP Test today! I know he's been working hard on that and it's a tremendous accomplishment. Congratulations to him!!!!

So, fingers crossed that I wake up tomorrow for our P&C picnic with a much better feeling back. That would be great so I could have a good time.

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