Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weekend Before Work

This is the weekend before my work world changes a little bit. The intern I'll be managing starts on Monday. I'm excited about it but also have a great deal of nervousness. I feel prepared but a new situation is always something I fret about. I know it'll all be okay and work out in the end but until I get into it a little, you wouldn't be able to fully convince me of that. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

The last two days have been better. My back is loosening up some and that's allowed me to run some errands, do some chores and also relax a bit. I think the frustration I feel when my back is bad adds to the pain and just helps to make it even worse. The eating has been fine these last few days too. Last night it was a little bowl of pasta, today was a sandwich for lunch and a couple of grilled pork chops for dinner.

I just hope that tomorrow I wake up and feel even better back-wise. The free range of movement I had for a week and a half there was pretty awesome. I got used to walking "normal" and being able to just do things and not worry about what it was going to feel like. I did not overdo it though because I knew it wasn't a good idea to do that and mess myself up again. That's what made it all so much more frustrating. Oh well, I'm sure if you're actually reading this you're tired of hearing me whine about my back. Maybe tomorrow will be something better as far as a post goes.

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