Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sort of a Lazy Sunday

This Sunday has been filled with some pop culture. I had gotten done a lot of things over the last week or so and I did not have a lot to do today. Sooooooo, I decided to make it a lazy day. I finally started watching the new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix that came out last Sunday. I've made it through 6 episodes so far. I'm torn because I want to watch them all very quickly but also do not want them to be over so quickly thus, I am trying to space them out a little bit. I hadn't really realized how much I'd missed that crazy cast of characters though. Some of my friends know that I'm very proud (I know it's the wrong word but it works) that I'm one of the few people who watched that show while it was actually on Fox. I t was just one of THOSE shows that no one else would buy in on. Thankfully people did after it was on DVD....God bless DVD for things like that!

I've also started reading a book that my friend Matt Fuller loaned me. It's the book 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn. I don't normally read a lot of fiction but I kept seeing it named on lists of really good reads and it intrigued. I'm about one quarter through it and I'm hooked. In a nutshell, it's about a woman that goes missing and through the first part of the book has the story of what her husband is going through and every other chapter is a date in her diary. It chronicles the deterioration of their relationship. I'm hoping that the last 3/4 of the book is as good as the first 1/4.

I'm currently grilling a ribeye for dinner. It feels like fall outside with the temps hovering around 50-60 degrees all day and firing up the grill seemed like the thing to do! HA! I had some tuna fish for lunch which was really good but was joined by a not-so-good protein fruit smoothie that I got from an internet recipe. It did not have anything in it that was really "cold" so at the end, the shake was kinda warm which isn't optimal. Oh well, sometimes you try things and they aren't good. Live and learn.

Well, tomorrow morning is a weigh-in and I'll try to do a post in the morning with the results. The number isn't very big right now but that's generally how things go for me in the 2nd week. You get that huge first week, a small 2nd week as your body kinda catches up to ya and adjusts some but every little bit helps and I've just been doing so well that I can be proud of the progress.

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Anonymous said...

Gone Girl is an excellent book! Just don't break the binding. Brad's a stickler for things like that!