Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just an Update

The reason I hadn't posted an update for Monday morning was for problems with blogspot who hosts my blog. I could not seem to use 'Publish Post' button after I had upgraded to Internet Explorer 9. Sooooo, I downloaded Google Chrome and I can use that to publish posts.

I'm taking off Friday for a 4-day weekend and to just get away from work for a little bit. My boss and her boss are off all next week which will be difficult because of all the things we've been having go on lately but hopefully I'll be able to get a bunch of work done. Fingers crossed. I'm also looking forward to going to see 'The Hangover Part II' this weekend. I really loved the first one and if this one is half as good as the first, it'll be a fun time. I also hope to play some Portal 2 on the PS3 this weekend to make my friend Sam happy who keeps asking me if I've played it. He loves it!

Anyways, I thought I'd let everyone know I haven't fallen off a cliff or anything and actually had a reason for not posting. Thanks for reading guys and we'll talk to ya later!

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