Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Morning Weigh-In #44

I've been having some troubles. Work and stress and just an overall crappy mood has been bringing me down. My eating hasn't been horrible but it hasn't really been as good as it can be and my exercise is down. I've been really struggling and I'm right now, to tell the truth, I'm just trying to maintain things. May just has not been a good month for me. This morning I was up 0.8 pounds to bring my 44-week total to 118 lost. I got below my 119 goal and then have just been all around with it. The next time I get there, I will stay there. I'm struggling but I am still really trying. For now though, just keeping my head above water is enough. The train is a little bit off the rails right now but it's going to be better. Tomorrow will be a little bit better than today.

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