Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Much Better Week

It's been a much better week so far. I've still been extremely busy with work but it's just a different kind of busy or stress from the last few weeks. I've been putting in some extra hours here at home to try and get something done early.

My car was making a horrible sound over the past week and it wound up being metal on metal with the brakes on my rear driver-side tire. Kinda crazy. I'm glad to have it fixed though so I don't have to listen to that noise and I'm assured that my car will stop.

I've been exercising and eating well again this week. I'm embarrassed by last week but not killing myself for it. I need to keep a level head and just keep trying to get better. Last week was BAD, but that doesn't mean that this week has to be as well. I'm walking and riding the exercise bike again and soon should be taking out the real bike. Need to get out there on the trails and log some miles on the real bike out in the real sun.

It's been very warm here the last few days...humid as well. I have my fans on but am against turning on the air conditioner right now. I needed to switch my sheets over from the flannel ones too, just too damn hot.

I need to put on my blood test results from two weeks ago. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow night. The results were really good which pleased me alot. Of course, then I spiraled crazily for a week or ten days so I guess there was that. I'm still a work-in-progress and trying to figure stuff out. I feel better now though. Onward and upward!!

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