Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Gone

Today I had a Toastmasters Meeting. At this meeting, they decided to give us free pizza. Dang! I decided not to have any and still brought my lunch. I think it was a really good decision for me at this point in my journey. Someone asked me, "Couldn't you just eat one or two pieces and stop there?" I told them that I would do that if I could really guarantee that that's where it would stop. I would hope it was where it would stop but I can't trust myself completely in that situation. I wish I could but I've known me for a long time and I've seen my tendencies so would not have been a good move right now.

After work tonight I rode my exercise bike for 26:30 with 6 miles. Working my way up but that's the longest I've gone so far. Right now just trying to ride while watching an entire episode of a TV show on DVD. One of these days I'll move on to an hour length drama. That will still probably take awhile but progress is being made!

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JenMarie said...

Keep it up! I'm gonna 'follow' your blog - I need the motivation for myself!!