Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Day With Lauren

Today I got to spend time with one of the cutest 4+ year olds I know. Yep, that's right, Lauren came over today. I had a Fantasy Baseball Draft this morning and then her mom dropped her off. She was going to busy spraying primer on drywall all day so they needed someone to watch Lauren. She and I had a good time. During the day, we watched Toy Story 2 and 3, went to a park to play, she played with Barbies, we ate some grapes and then went to McDs for her to play in the PlayLand. It was a very good day and we both had fun.

I'll have to see what tomorrow morning's weigh-in holds. I've done really well this week and have felt extremely good. I think it'll really show tomorrow but I'm going to be continuing all the goodness into next week.

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