Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rooting For Some Bulldogs

Well, Duke lost on Thursday night and I'm finally over it. Actually I was over it on Friday since Arizona so thoroughly kicked their butts. Anyways, I am now throwing my support behind Butler. I basically hate all the other teams left and hated Florida too who Butler beat today. I would have been rooting for the Bulldogs last year if it had not been Duke they were playing.

Rode the bike tonight and totally picked up the pace. I did 13.07 miles in 45 minutes which is around a 3:27/mile. That's not too bad for me. I've had a really good week so I'm hoping that my weigh-in on Monday goes well. I'm back on a good track but not taking anything for granted. Just feeling really good and wore some smaller size jeans today which was nice. I am pretty tired tonight so I'm hoping I sleep well.

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