Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Is It Only Wednesday?

This week has been going by pretty slowly. I'm not saying I'm having a bad week but jeez, just been a long week already. This week has actually been good. I've been working out doing things daily and keeping good track of it all. The stairs at work have seen me every day this week so far....5 flights doesn't seem like a whole lot but it's quite a haul up them at my size. BUT, I get up them. I need to do them every day and it will become easier.

I've been walking every day at either lunch or after work at Gold's. The exercise bike has also seen my butt alot here lately. I've been getting up out of bed in the morning and climbing on there for 30 minutes while watching 'Mike & Mike In The Morning'. I've also been riding the bike at night after dinner some nights and I feel pretty good after it. I'm feeling really re-charged right now and things are moving very smoothly.

I'm taking things day by day right now and working extra hard to not get ahead of myself and look ahead and be disappointed by the "Now" when it's not matching up to my "Dream Future" or whatever you'd want to call it. Something like that seems like it really should be extremely easy to do but for me is difficult. I want what I want and I want it now. I keep reminding myself that Rome wasn't built in a day, the Taj Mahal took awhile, I didn't put all this weight on in one day, it isn't going to all come off in one day. The more I'm able to buy into that and realize that it is the whole truth, the smoother things will continue to progress.

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