Saturday, March 12, 2011

Putting on a Few...Let's Not Overreact

Last week I put on a few pounds and this week I'm going to wind up a few pounds up as well. Last week was just kinda bad while this week it's a little bit of ploy for a contest. I've joined a 'Biggest Winners' team at work...yes, they use Winners instead of Losers for the contest. We weigh in on the 15th and I'll be kicking some butt after that again. I spent a couple of days this week with some back trouble from helping my brother move on Sunday. My lower back just tightened up and I wasn't moving around very well which kept me down. I'm not blaming anything or anyone but myself and I feel like I know what I'm doing at this point.

Soooo, on Monday, lets not overreact to whatever numbers come up. I'm actually hoping to put on a little bit just for the sake of the contest and then lose it all right away again. I'm gonna be kicking some butt again here soon. I'm putting together a workout plan for myself and Gold's is gonna be seeing alot of me. It's also starting to warm up a little and I want to get the bike out and see how it goes there. I'm still excited for things and looking forward to some good months ahead.

Also, good was a year ago today that Jeremy, Kim and I took off for DisneyWorld. What a wonderful time and a wonderful trip. I wish I could do it now at this weight but we had a lot of fun and I thank them for letting me go along. I don't really think I'm going to have a "travel" vacation this year but that's alright. Maybe do something next year and be even more fit for it.

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JenMarie said...

So J has been doing WW for a bit now...I signed up this weekend. ;)
We're all in it together!