Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and Some Sunday Morning Measurements

First off, Happy Easter to everyone!

Anyways, I was supposed to do some measurements last week but totally forgot. I've been trying to do them every 6 weeks buuuuuut, this will have to be 7 weeks. Soooo, here we go:

Waist: Lost 1 1/2 inches; 17 inches total
Neck: Lost 1/4 inch; 2 1/2 inches total
Chest: Lost 1 1/2 inches; 11 3/4 inches total
Hips: Lost 1 1/2 inches; 14 1/2 inches total
Left Thigh: Lost 1 inch; 6 1/2 inches total
Right Thigh: Lost 1/2 inch; 5 inches total
Left Calf: Lost 1/2 inch; Lost 1 1/2 inches total
Right Calf: Stayed the same; Lost 2 inches total

Those are some pretty good results overall. I've been able to get into some smaller pants and smaller shirts which has been very cool. Just keep on shrinking!

I had to do a bunch of stuff for work this weekend which was kind of a drag but I got some good things done and am ready to hand a project off tomorrow which will be a good feeling. I did make time these last 2 days for some exercise though.

Today, I actually ran! I took the Vibrams out on the Wabash Trail and did a total of 2.08 miles in about 32 minutes which isn't too bad. BUT, of that 2.08 miles, I ran 0.51 of it!! Yep, actually ran! I'm as surprised as y'all!!! Now, my running wasn't a "Continuous" run, it actually came in 3 stretches....0.25, 0.10 and 0.15....but it felt great to accomplish that. Just a little more progress every day is what I need. I've ridden the exercise bike a few times this weekend as well and go into this new week feeling really good and positive.

I think my weight loss for the week might be a little low but after the past few weeks and big losses, that's almost to be expected. I'm trying to keep kicking things up a notch...small notches, but a notch keep my body adjusting and losing weight. It's been working well so far and will hopefully continue.

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