Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Felt Better About My Day

After the disappointment of yesterday morning's weigh-in, I knew I had to do something. Well, I went to the gym and worked out to feel better about myself. And you know what???? It worked!!! I went and did the treadmill and then did some lifting and some legwork. Nothing major but just getting some muscles engaged again and easing into things. I'm going back again tonight after work and plan on keeping this going. For this week, I'm just going to do some things and not have too much of a plan but then I'm going to formulate what I'm going to really do. I know my mind will be working on it this week as I go and that's okay because I'll just be preparing even better.

For the last couple of weeks I also haven't been making up my meal "menu" for the week. I've been doing something where I write down in advance my meals and snacks for the week. I'm not sure why but I haven't done that for a couple of weeks. I think it helps me mentally though to have an idea of how my week is going to unfold. Little things like this start to add up and my mood is better this morning than it was yesterday morning and I'm ready for my day.

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