Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Team Is Smarter Than Your Team

There hasn't been alot going on this week which would explain the lack of posts. Last night though I took part in a Crime Stoppers Trivia Night with parts of my trivia team. Gayle, Teresa, Jeremy, Kim and myself took 2nd place. It was a spirited competition that a team from the Springfield Journal Register won for the second straight year. They were pretty impressive with 89 out of 100 and we finished with 84. We only had 5 members to their 10 so we kicked some butt too. My teammates really carried me though because I did not perform well until the last couple of rounds with Sports and Movie Quotes. Other than that, I didn't do very well.

I went to Gold's Gym two times this week and did some cardio work. Some light jogging and elliptical work. It was good and just sort of working my way up and going further and further. Doing what I can right now and over time I'll get stronger and better...which I guess is the whole idea of fitness. Hmmmmm....well I'll be, I may have stumbled on to something here.

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Jason said...

Just catching up on the latest week or so. Here's to seeing that 100 tomorrow morning!