Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Night Is This?

I'm not sure why I keep thinking it's Wednesday. I kinda wish it was though since we'd be closer to the weekend. I went to the gym last night after work and am planning to go tomorrow as well. Just did some walking/jogging on the treadmill and a little bit of time on a "Natural Runner" machine. Trying to work my way up though and doing the best I can. I can't jog much right now but I guess you have to start somewhere. I'll get stronger, I know.

I'm really hoping to get to that 100 pounds lost this week. It would be really nice to get to that point. It's very exciting and will put me at losing 2/3 of a Dan. My friend Dan....hmmmmm, "friend"...okay, I'll go with that..haha....weighs 150 pounds so you can see where i'd have lost 2/3 of a Dan if I get to 100 pounds lost.

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