Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Morning Weigh-In #30

Sigh....quite disappointed in myself but not surprised. I had a bad weekend eating this past weekend. It's not that I ate a lot of bad things but I just ate a little more on some things than I should have. The whole week just had a weird feeling to it for me but I can't blame anything other than my own mind. For some reason, when I really want something and I WANTED to get to 100 pounds lost this week, I somewhat sabotage myself. Please don't be worried that I'm "giving up" or antyhing like that, just had a bad week overall and need to be soooooo much better than this.

This week I gained 0.4 pounds to change my total weight lost to 97.2 pounds. Now, I have 2.8 to lose to get to 100. I'm still going to get there and I'm going to get there soon but it's just been pushed back another week. I'm disappointed but will forge on and continue to build on my successes rather than my failures.


JenMarie said...

Just keep at it!
J and I ate out twice one weekend...that'll mess it all up, he didn't have quite the best weigh in that week. ;)

Jason said...

Agh, this was the first thing I checked tonight. Keep at it, you're knocking on that first big door. And I understand the perceived self-sabotage thing. You'll break that mark then it'll be back to full steam.