Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ummmmm.....I Think It's Snowing

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have Snowmageddon 2011!!! We got some ice last night and this afternoon it really began snowing pretty hardcore. We're supposed to get anywhere from 15-21" and probably have had about 7" so far so much more is on the way. And let me tell ya, there already seems like a LOT of snow out there. Work let out early at 2:00 but I had gotten permission from my boss to leave at 1:00. The roads were crap and I'm sure only got worse. Just have to see if work is open tomorrow since we're getting more snow, ice, snow and wind. Yes, I know I mentioned snow twice. Let's just hope the electicity holds out and I don't lose that. Dang, that would be pretty freakin cold.

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Jason said...

How did you end up fairing?