Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sore and Tired...But Feeling Good

I went to the gym after work today and did some treadmill work and some various weight machines. I'm still unsure with some of them so I'm a little leery to use them but I need to get past that. After work there are a lot of serious lifting guys there which kinda gets to me but after a little while I'll be alright. I just need to work at my pace and do everything I can and keep gaining strength and muscle and confidence. While the other two items I need, the last one is what I really need to develop more of. I feel WAY more confident than I did last July but I just need to let go of some hangups. I'm getting there though and I'm feeling more and more proud by the day now. I'm not going to say that I'm 100% out of the rut I was in but things are definitely pointed in the right direction again. I am a little sore and a little tired but it's a damn good sore and tired feeling.

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