Saturday, February 26, 2011


I guess it's just Saturday. Not really any thing to celebrate for me but if you all have something celebrate....get down with your bad self! Anyways, today was a nice day spent at home. I finished up a few things I needed to do around here and then rode my exercise bike for the first time in a little while. It's probably the first time in 4 weeks or so since I've gone to the gym and was a little lax with my exercising before that.

Riding the bike went really well though as I got to 13.04 miles in 45 minutes and could've kept going if I had wanted to. I was very happy with that outcome though and can tell that going to the gym has really helped me out. I didn't go to the gym on Friday like I had planned because the tendon or ligament behind each of my knees was....what's the word I'm looking for??? Hurtlikeamotherf'er! That'll work. I could walk just fine after the first few steps but getting up from being seated and then those first 4 or 5 steps was pretty awful. So instead of pushing my luck and possibly hurting myself more, thought that taking it easy was a good move.

I'm watching Duke play Virginia Tech right now. Go DUKE!!!

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