Monday, November 8, 2010

Feeling Poorly

So I woke up this morning feeling a little strange. Not really bad at first, but strange. I got all my stuff out to the car and sat at my table for a few minutes like I normally do but then when I got up from the chair, I felt a little dizzy and nauseous. I thought it would pass so I took off and started driving to the gym. Well, lets just say that about halfway there, I got really dizzy, really nauseous and decided to turn around and come back home. Stayed home from work and slept for another 3 hours or so today.

I ate some toast and then had some chicken noodle soup for lunch along with a jello cup. I just sort of layed around. It was bad for me because I have a lot of work to do at work. I had my friend Jeremy bring me my work laptop and I did some stuff for about 2 hours until I got frustrated with how slow some things were going. I'm going to have to do alot over these next 4 days but I'm up to the task. Things need to get done and they will get done.

I'm feeling better tonight but still a little tired. I'm not sure what hit me this morning but since I was driving, it made me worried. Tomorrow will be a good day though, I know it. Onward and upward I guess. Just thinking I hope I feel well early in the morning tomorrow.


melton7216 said...

So are you feeling better today? Congratulations on hitting the 70 lb. mark. That is no easy feat.

Jason said...

How are you feeling? Congrats on hitting another multiple of 10!