Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not One but TWO!!

On Friday I wore a pair of jeans that were 2 sizes smaller than I normally have worn to work. I'd been able to put them on for a little while now but they had not been all that comfortable but they were just fine. I was very happy and it was pretty sweet. I had to keep telling my friend Teresa to quit looking at my butt....just kidding. Although I did keep telling her that, I know she wasn't looking at it, just messing with her.

I'm doing alright this week. It's been a little bit of a weird week with being sick a day and then just dealing with the earlier darkness and everything. It just seems strange and throws me off a little bit. I'm ready for this week even though I have a bunch of work to do before my short vacation and the Thanksgiving holiday.

I think I might wind up down a pound or two for the week which is good and gets me closer to the weight I was at at the beginning of 2007. That's one of my first real milestones and I'm almost there...74 pounds have to be lost to be at that mark. There are the smaller 10 pound or 20 pound goals but this will be a true milestone for me. My first 3 REALLY BIG milestones are 74 pounds, 100 pounds and 119 pounds lost. The first 2 are pretty self-explanatory...74 to get back to 2007 starting weight, 100 just because it's 100. The 119 pound mark is to get me below another certain point and we'll discuss that sometime but just not right now.

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