Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Eating & Black Friday

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I know I have.

I should've posted last night about how my eating went but I was really tired after getting home and just kind of crashed for the evening and was asleep by about 9:15. You know I had to be tired because there was an NFL game on last night and I didn't stay up to watch it all. Anyways, I came out of Thanksgiving pretty proud of myself. I think my parents can attest for me, or my dad at least since he saw what was on my plate, that I ate pretty lightly. I had a couple of slices of turkey, a couple of small pieces of ham, a little bit of dressing(and for me, only having a little bit of dressing is something because I LOVE it!), a little bit of scalloped corn(same thing as the dressing), some green beans, one small spoonful of mashed potatoes, a spoonful of gravy, one roll and one deviled egg. I know this sounds like a lot but it really wasn't too bad. I did go back for one more slice of turkey and ham but that was it. Once I got back home, with some leftovers, I only had one turkey sandwich for dinner about 7:15 or so. I feel pretty good about what I ate but especially, what I DIDN'T eat. Oh yeah, I did one small sliver of pumpkin pie. But let me tell you something, I didn't have alot but it was all wonderful!!

This morning I went a few places for Black Friday shopping: Bergner's, Target and Best Buy. I went to Target with my friend Kari and her son Ryan. He told his mom that I had to go so I was able to stand in line with them. Who am I to say no???!! I got a couple of deals and also got some 'Buy One Get One Free' clothes at Casual Male Big & Tall. Those were some good deals. With a couple of other coupons, I got about $340 worth of clothes for about $140 and I needed a few new things. I've got some other shopping done for Christmas so it's been a successful day on a lot of fronts.

I've been off all week on vacation and the holiday and it has been a great time! It's gone a little fast but I've really enjoyed it. I still have the weekend and Monday off so I'm getting really close to having to return to the real world. It's been a superb Thanksgiving though and I hope that all of yours has been as great as mine!

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