Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just Sunday

Not anything really big today or much to really say. I put up some new blinds. I feel pretty good about that and they've stayed up all day so I think I did it right. I'm pretty proud of that since I did it all by myself. I know that doesn't sound like much but I'm not very handy at all so something like this is pretty cool to me. I basically put the blinds up last night.

Today, I had to put a new toilet seat on the commode. I did that once a long time ago and had to replace the one I had. It went pretty quick and I got the new one on there so I've done two kinda-handy things in 2 days....that might be a record for me. Yea for me!

My Cowboys won today so that was good, my fantasy teams are doing alright today and my picks were pretty good so for now, I'm liking football again. I have a headache tonight though but am still looking forward to the new episode of The Walking Dead. It should be a good time.

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