Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Weigh-In #28

Son of a Biscuit!!!!! Here we go again! Well, I'm up a pound to put my total at 94.2 lost. I'm really not all that angry, just kind of frustrated. I was feeling a little sick and a LOT tired all week which played a part in this since I really wasn't able to ride the bike. I'm feeling quite a bit better after the weekend so hopefully I can get back on track. Going to work hard towards a good week this week and crawl my way to 100 pounds lost.

I'd also like to send out a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Jason. I saw his note this morning that he has surpassed his weight loss mark....and not just barely, by 1.6 pounds!!!! Congratulations man! You're a huge inspiration to me and I'm proud to call you my friend and am sooooo overjoyed at your success! It's just a wonderful thing and am so happy for you, Sarah and the girls. Congratulations and keep up the wonderful work!!!!!!