Friday, December 17, 2010

First Full Day of Vacation

Today was the first full day of my holiday vacation. I didn't feel like posting anything last night even though I had half a day off from work. And jeez, was I busy at work over that half a day. My boss even told me, "If you can get out of here at 12, RUN!!!" It was pretty funny but it was one helluva busy morning. I just kinda came home after that and had a relaxing, wonderful evening at home just doing nothing.

Today started off slow but I got all my presents wrapped for Christmas with the family, I bought 2 new pillows for my bed and changed to another set of my new flannel sheets...the blue ones now and just like the brown ones, they are comfy...and generally took it easy for the most part. I went over today to help Jeremy move a couch so a hospital bed could be put in so Kim could come home after her surgery on a broken leg. She's healing and home now even though some things could've(and SHOULD'VE) been handled much, much, much, much better by the hospital and its staff. Some things like that can just be a joke and while that sucks, it's good that Kim is home and definitely on the road to recovery.

Eating has kinda been sporadic these last few days. Stressed by work and then relieved by vacation, I may have let off the reins a little bit too much but it'll get back on track. I don't think the situation is bad, just not great for this week's weight loss but I'll do some things next week and things will be smooth.

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