Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've been on vacation now for almost a week and let me tell ya, I really enjoy it. That's not to say I haven't been doing anything on my days off. One of the things around here I wanted to accomplish was going through my closets and getting rid of or donating a lot of things I don't use or don't need anymore. I've been donating clothes to thrift stores as they've gotten too big so that's cleared some space. My front closet was jammed with storage containers that I did not know what was in them. Sooooo, I went through those and rid myself of junk. I went through some other storage containers I had around and got rid of more junk. I know have a slightly cleaner and more organized place which makes me feel good. I at least got that accomplished over the last few days.

My eating has been going really well. I'm hoping for a good week this week and I think it's gotten off to a promising start. I could use a nice 2 or 3 pound weight loss this week. I wouldn't bet my life on it but it would be great if I could get that. Other than those things, the week has been kinda "boring" but in a great way as I'm really enjoying myself.

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