Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve Eve

It's Thursday and the dread is building inside of me. Only a few more days until my vacation is over. I'm not thinking about it much because I've felt pretty good about how things have gone. I've had a good time off, a good Christmas, and a good birthday. I've watched some television, watched some movies, listened to some podcasts, rode my exercise bike alot and cleaned things up around the apartment. I have gotten some new stuff and gotten rid of old stuff. I've gone through a bunch of clothes that were too big anymore for me so that's been pretty good. I have a couple bags of clothes in my trunk right now that will be donated soon.

Other than that, things are well and my eating has gone pretty fabulously for being off of work. I'm pretty proud of that since being off of work and just being home alot has gotten in my way alot in the past. I'll post my New Year's Resolutions either tomorrow night or Saturday, I'm not sure yet but they are coming soon. Hopefully you all can wait a little while longer for them and know what I'm trying to do in this new year. I might do a little recap of what has been good or bad in 2010 as well. Just seems like the right thing to do just as a wrap-up for myself so I don't forget all the things that have happened.

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