Tuesday, December 28, 2010

They Say It's My Birthday

On this day, we celebrate my birthday because well, it's the day I was born. I was born December 28th, 1976. Soooooooo, for all of my non-math friends out there, that makes me 34. My dad called me earlier and asked if I felt another year older. The answer really is no, although it's crazy to me that I am almost 35. I know, I know...all those over 35 are groaning but give me a break! When you got to 34 I bet you felt kinda crazy that you were almost 35. And to those friends of mine younger than me....shut up! HAHA! I say that to all of you with the proper amount of kindness, I swear.

Anyways, it was a good day. I bought myself a little present, the tv show Archer, Season 1 on DVD. I love that show! It's not for everyone but it's one of the funniest damn shows going. I rode the bike this afternoon for 30 minutes and went 8.34 miles which was a good distance and left me properly tired. I ended the day, besides writing this blog, by going to my birthday buddy Ryan's 8th birthday party. It was a really good time. Lots of kids bowling, a cup of diet soda and 3 slices of pizza. I had had a single cupcake earlier in the day so I didn't have any cake but there was a cool Dallas Cowboys cake with ice cream cups. It was a fun party and a nice way to spend the evening of my birthday.

All in all, 33 was a pretty decent year and I'm looking forward to 34. I'll get into that more at an end of the year with a year-end wrapup. So, in conclusion, Happy Birthday to ME!!!!


Kari said...

That pizza wasn't bad for bowling alley pizza. I was pleasantly surprised!

JenMarie said...

Happy Birthday!
I turned 35 this month...so yeah, I feel your pain! ;)

Jason said...

Remember when Jackie used to try to convince us that 34 was still early 30s? BULLoney.

Happy birthday anyway!