Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's About To Get Cold!!!

So far, our winter here in Springfield has been pretty mild. We've had a little rain, a few snow flurries, a little cold but nothing too bad. BUT, that is about to turn. The last 2 days here have been pretty warm but we're supposed to dip to Highs in the mid-teens with lows around zero and negative windchills. We're only supposed to get a little bit of show but lots and lots of wind. I know it's worse in other areas though so I hope everyone in those areas is getting through it alright.

This week has been pretty good eating-wise even with the extra time off because of the flood at work. I went to lunch at a Chinese place with my friends Todd and Alison yesterday and it was a good time and a good meal. I still have one more day to go on this weekend and I need to do some laundry but I'm ready for this next week or work to start for one reason....I only have 4 working days left this year!!! Woo-hoo!!! There is still alot to do over these 4 days and especially because we were closed the last two but I'll get it done and am just ready for my longer vacation.

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