Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back To Reality

Dang, where did the last 17 1/2 days go? I have to go to work tomorrow and it seems like I just started my vacation yesterday. Oh well though, it's really been a good holiday vacation. I got done a lot of things and had a good Christmas, birthday and New Year's. I finally got my money back in my NFL Pick'Em league by winning a week which was nice. I've watched some good TV on DVD, some good movies and just really enjoyed my time off.

Anyways, I had a nice dinner tonight with a swordfish steak and a baked potato. I also took a jello cup and added a little Cool Whip to it to make a nice little's very tasty. I rode the bike for 50 minutes today and went a total of 13.1 miles. I did a 30-min set and then a 20-min set back-to-back. I need to find my instruction manual to figure out how to increase the time on the set programs so I can just go for 45 minutes or an hour if I feel like it. Overall I felt really good about the distance I went in the time I had. I actually took yesterday off from riding the bike because I had ridden it everyday for 9 days and just thought a day off would recharge my batteries. I'll be looking to continue riding each night after I come home from work.

I'm taking some time off from the gym since this is the time of year that everyone and their dog will be at the gym at whatever time of the day. I completely understand it though since we all have New Year's Resolutions. I'm going to continue doing things here at home though for the next few weeks. I just hate being around ALOT of people and I know getting the machines I want will be more difficult and we'll just let people kind of weed themselves out of going to the gym.

I'm anxious for my weigh-in tomorrow. I know I'm down 1.8 pounds from my unofficial weigh-in yesterday so I'm hoping to maybe lose another half a pound or something to get 2011 off to a good start. I've got a long year ahead of me but I'm looking to make it an awesome year!

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