Friday, January 14, 2011

Long, Long, Long, Long Week

Holy jeez! This one week has felt like 2 weeks. It's just been a long one all around. I haven't gotten to ride the bike much this week because I've had some things to do each night and just haven't been able to. I know I'm just kind of making excuses and it makes me mad at myself. I WILL be riding the bike tomorrow no matter what is going on.

Tonight I finished putting together the new weight bench and I'm really liking it. I can finally lean back into the bench position and not feel like everything is going to collapse beneath me or that I'm going to crack my skull on the bar because of where it's positioned. That was something that bugged me since I had bought that old one. I do have to buy an extra package of the floor guard stuff to put underneath it since it's a little longer than I thought. That's not a big problem and will be taken care of tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to being able to do some lifting again.

I'm looking forward to watching some football tomorrow while having to do some laundry and go get some groceries. I need to get a haircut sometime but I might wait to do that until Monday or next week after work. Well, this post is a little late in the evening and I'm looking forward now to going to sleep. Sleep well and have a great Saturday!

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