Thursday, January 20, 2011

Work Stinks Sometimes

Today was a difficult day for me to not overeat because I was soooooo stressed at work. It wasn't from anything that someone else did, I've been working on a project and thought I had it done except updating it for use now. Well, the data has not cooperated with me and has blown alot of my assumptions out of the water. I went over and over and over all the calculations and it all seems to be working. I'll be going over them again tomorrow but for about 4 hours today I was absolutely frantic. Well, that's pretty boring for most people so I'll move on.

As I said it was hard for me to not overeat because that's what I would have done in the past but I'm proud to say I did not do that today. I did eat a chocolate chip cookie from Subway because I walked there to get a sandwich but I stayed in control. I even rode 12.34 miles on my exercise bike in 45 minutes after I got home. I would have gotten even further but my calves started to cramp at about the 2:00 minute left mark so that slowed me down. I'm happy with the distance I went but upset I couldn't get about another 1/4 mile or so out of the ride. It'll all work out though and I'll be even stronger this weekend.

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