Saturday, January 8, 2011

Football and the Bike

I made it through my first week back to work. Hoo-ray! I was up until kind of late last night but was doing things around here and very sleepy. I wound up sleeping until what is pretty late in the morning for me at 9:45. But since I went to bed at about midnight, I still did get quite a bit of sleep. I really did need it though and I felt good all day long.

Football started late today and I really didn't do much very exciting throughout the day. I got on the bike during the Saints-Seahawks game and rode 45 minutes. The sweet part was that I went 12.46 miles in that 45 minutes, a personal best so far. But wow, the Seahawks won which is sort of good for me in a football pool I'm in. Good for me and now I need Baltimore to win tomorrow to keep me alive.

It's been a pretty boring Saturday in some regards but that's what I was looking for out of this day.

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