Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good Eats, Bad Results

My friends Alison, Todd and Sherry took me out to lunch today. It was a birthday lunch. They had asked me to go last week but I just really wasn't in to going anywhere or putting on pants so I declined until this week. It was my choice and I chose for us to go to IHOP. I had had a craving for pancakes for some time and just went, "Heck with it, I'll have that for lunch. I'll eat a smaller breakfast and not much dinner." Well, that's exactly what happened.

I got the Ham and Cheese Omelet made just with egg whites and it came with 3 pancakes. It was soooooooooooo good! But then, my body kinda fired back at me. Evidently I'm not used to eating that amount of food anymore or something because it upset my stomach and I just didn't want to have anything else after that. The rest of the day at work kinda stunk because my stomach was doing things I didn't it to really do. I"m not saying much more because that would be TMI but I felt much better after I got home. I only ate some soup for dinner but my tummy has settled down.

Now, if they're reading this, I don't want Alison, Todd or Sherry to feel bad or think it's their fault. I ate what I ate and what I ate is what I ate and I know what I ate and let me tell ya, I ate it. It was good and tasty and I thank you all for taking me out. It was greatly appreciated and a great time with great friends.

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