Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again....Seriously??!!!

Well, the order forms have started to go around. I saw the first two today. Soon, the boxes will be everywhere and smell will be around. The pull, the tug, the siren call around every turn, every corner. Yep, those dang Girl Scouts and their delicious cookies. Those little girls turn into little devils every year! HAHA!

Now, you might say, "Brad, just don't order any." Well, I wish it was that easy. I probably will order some....1 box of Caramel Dee-Lites(or Samoas) and 1 box of Lemonades. I plan to leave these cookies at work and to make them last. Those of you that I work with and see every day, I ask of you to check on this with me to make sure that I am holding firm on this plan. If I go to totally eliminate them, I will only want them more. I know it will only make me crave them more if I have none and that can lead to overeating and all sorts of bad things...I know, I've seen me do it!!! This is not a diet and about deprivation, this is about learning to live and operate like a "normal" person and be able to set boundaries and stay within them. I know I can do this and I cannot fail. I've come too far to fall back now.

Also, I think my weight gain from yesterday and last week may have been some water-weight and other things because my weight is down quite a bit today from yesterday. No matter what though, I'm not going to be discouraged and am charging towards goals and will continue to do so.

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Kari said...

I'll take a box of "Thanks-a-lots"

Thanks a lot (no pun intended)!