Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Something New

Probably about a year or more ago I removed the leg extension from my weight bench. Now, I did this to save some space and in this regard I was successful. BUT, the unintended consequence of this action was that the bench became not very useful for me.

Now first off, this weight bench was a pretty cheap one and quite old. It was never a very strong or sturdy bench but it did the job. I foolishly believed that removing the leg extension from this bench would not harm it in any way. What it did to the bench was totally throw off the balance on it and make it difficult for a large person such as myself to use it. There were many other problems to go along with this but the fact that the last time I lifted on the bench I had major issues with getting back up and off it basically sealed its fate.

Tonight, I bought a new bench at Dick's Sporting Goods. Also, big props to my great buddy Jeremy who helped me get it home. Thanks for the help as anything I pick up at a store that is large, Jeremy is my go-to guy to help me get it home. Thanks again!

Once again, as with the old bench, it's nothing extra special but it's a strong bench and much sturdier. I tested the one at the store and it's very comfortable and the pads to lay down on are longer than the current ones and will work out very well. It's currently sitting in the box in my living room as I will put it together tomorrow night and getting the two benches swapped out. Something new and exciting to lift some weights here at home again.

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