Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Morning Weigh-In #24

This first weigh-in of the year was pretty awesome. Even though I have to go back to work this morning, this is a very nice way to go back. Evidently on Saturday when I weighed myself to get my final 2010 weight loss, I was feeling kinda 'chunky' or something. HAHA! Well, I weighed in this morning and for the whole week, I lost 4.8 pounds, or 3.0 pounds less than on Saturday morning. YEA! That brings my 24 week total to 89 pounds overall. What a great way to wake up and get things going. I'm feeling pretty happy right now!!!

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melton7216 said...

You should be very, very, very proud of yourself as we are. We hope you do everything you want to do in 2011 except the roller blade thing. That one brings the fear of god to us.