Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Measurements - Week #27

I've needed to be more vigilant about taking my measurements every 3 weeks to make sure I'm still making some progress. I know I am though by my weight but also by how my clothes fit. My wardrobe is evolving little by little as I'm able to wear more things. More options are available to me since I don't start to sweat the moment I begin to move. That was always a HUGE hindrance when thinking about wearing anything long-sleeved or heavy. It's a good feeling to not always have little beads of sweat on your forehead as you stand in line at the store or do just about anything.

Anyways, here we go:

Waist: Lost 2 1/2 inches; 14 1/2 inches total
Neck: Lost 1/2 inch; 2 1/4 inches total
Chest: Lost 1 1/4 inches; 10 1/4 inches total
Hips: Lost 2 inches; 13 inches total
Left Thigh: Lost 1 inch; 5 1/2 inches total
Right Thigh: Lost 1/2 inch; 4 1/2 inches total
Left Calf: Gained 1 inch; Lost 1 inch total
Right Calf: Stayed the same; Lost 2 inches total

I know I gained on my left calf but I'm very happy with how both the right and left are looking. Pedalling that bike really starts to put a little bit of definition in them so I'm not worried about that. The first numbers are my 3-week losses so the month of January has treated me well. I've worked very hard for those numbers and am extremely pleased especially with the waist, chest, hips and thighs. Losing from around my neck is always slow going as I have lots and lots of chins but I'd like to think I've maybe lost one of them by now and only have 3 or 4 left. HAHA!

I've gotten a few really great comments over the last few days, especially from some people I didn't really expect to say anything at poker. Thanks for the compliments guys if you do ever read this, it does mean alot and I'm keeping on fighting the good fight.

By the way, I really need the Steelers to win to have a shot at a playoff pool I'm in that's worth $1000 if I win. Go Steelers!!!

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Jason said...

Way to go on those measurements - that's great!