Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I heard that refrain a couple of times today. Why did I hear this you may ask yourself. Well, I'm a finalist for Employee of the Month, or EOM. This will be the 3rd time I interview for this. The first time was in February of 2006 and I thought I had nailed the interview and was going to win: I lost. The second time was in August of 2009 and I was against one of my closest friends and they deserved to win for what they were doing. I had 2 chances to be happy for the person who won: I lost and so did they. Just total crap.

Well, now 14 months later I'm a finalist again. While I'm certainly flattered by being a finalist and the fact that co-workers had to care enough to nominate me again, we'll just have to see. I don't want to lose for the 2nd time in just over one year. Things are going pretty well for me and this "stress" or whatever might be counterproductive for me. I don't deal with rejection very well at times so this will be a test for me especially if I was to lose. I interview on Thursday morning and the winner is announced on Friday morning.

Anyways, enough with that stuff. I've been taking the stairs now and things are going alright. I can only make it up to the 3rd floor right now but if I just do that every day for a week or two I know I'll be able to make it to 4th floor and then to 5th floor. I'm pretty glad to make it to 3rd because not too long ago just climbing one flight would just about to kill me so this is some good progress.

I've also started doing 30 minutes on the elliptical at the gym and am doing pretty well with that although I've only done it once on Monday and plan on doing it tomorrow. I enjoy the elliptical so the 30 minutes seems to pass by pretty quickly. I just need to keep doing well and keep my eyes on the right path I've been on and not veer off course. It's gonna be a couple of hard days but I'm going to get through them.


melton7216 said...

Like the old saying: One step at a time. Keep up the good work.

Jason said...

Good luck tomorrow morning!