Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Measurements - Week #12

Unfortunately I'm up kind of early but I guess I did go to bed a little early last night. On the bright side, I got up and did my 12-week measurements. I was supposed to do 6-week measurements for myself but I got 2 days after I supposed to do them and finally remembered so I just decided to wait for the 12th week.

As you all well know, I've lost 53.4 pounds in the first 11 weeks and have a weigh-in tomorrow morning. But, after 12 weeks I've lost the following:

Waist: Lost 8 inches
Hips: Lost 6 1/2 inches
Right Thigh: Lost 4 1/2 inches
Left Thigh: Lost 4 inches
Neck: Lost 1 inch
Chest: Lost 7 inches

So, I'm very happy so far with my progress and the losses I've seen. Clothes are fitting so much better and there are even some I've had to stop wearing because they are TOO BIG!! How good a feeling is that????!!! Pretty awesome, that's how good! I'll post again on measurements in another 6 weeks or, 11/21/2010....let's see how how well I've done before Thanksgiving hits me.


melton7216 said...

Great job. So proud of you!!!!!!

JenMarie said...


Jason said...

Those kinds of numbers in such a short time, that's amazing! And get RID of those big clothes!