Sunday, October 24, 2010

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

It's been 3 days since my last post. That is the longest I've gone without posting and the longest I plan to go. As could be seen from my last few posts, I was tired at the end of last week. I just felt very worn down and just wanted to rest. I didn't go to poker on Friday night so I could just rest and take it easy. It made me feel bad to skip poker but it just wasn't in me to go.

I also didn't do a whole lot on Saturday until the evening when I met some people for dinner and then went to a trivia contest in Jacksonville. Jeremy, Kim, Kari, Gayle, Teresa and myself went over there and won a hard fought battle by 1 question in the last round. It was a very fun evening and we each won $50...or, $40 in profit since it cost us each $10 to play. We finished 3rd there last year without Kari so maybe she's our good luck charm? Who knows?

Not much to say about Sunday but it's been a nice one so far. Nice weather, did a few things around the apartment and getting things ready for the week to come. I've gotta start doing some steps tomorrow so it'll be an interesting morning after working out. I used to walk the steps all the way up to the fifth floor where I work but I know that won't be possible at first. I promise to do the best I can though. I'll be back tomorrow with a weigh-in and maybe another post in the evening. It's been a good weekend though and I'm feeling alot better.

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