Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

First off, the Drive-By Truckers rule! The show I went to last night in St. Louis at The Pageant was just fabulous. The opening act, The Henry Clay People, were very good and had a local guy named Warren on drums because their drummer had a family emergency. He was one hit of the night with the crowd as was their ender, a cover of Springsteen's Born To Run which I love. But, the Truckers played for about 2 hours 15 minutes and it kicked ass the whole time. I will definitely be looking to go to more DBT shows in the future.

Today was kind of a lazy day. I had my chili and watched football. I also did a few things around here to get myself ready for tomorrow because I'll be returning to the gym so I had to get my lunch ready and my clothes and well, just all sorts of things. I'm going to go to Fit Club early in the morning like the old days. Going to start with some light weights and heavier on cardio. Here soon I'm also going to start taking the stairs at work again. That will help me build up some endurance so that needs to happen.

Sooooo, don't get all troubled that there is no early morning weigh-in. It won't be coming until the evening but I will try to post on Facebook from my phone what the numbers are so people are still able to see. I want you all to know along with me whether it's been a good or bad weight loss week so I'm going to keep you all involved. Think some good thoughts for me as I drag my butt out of bed in the early morning cold and get it going earlier than it has had to in quite awhile.

T-Minus: 0 days! WHAT TIME IS IT???!!! HITTING THE GYM TIME!!!!

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