Saturday, October 16, 2010

Well....They Can't All Be Good

I tried a new recipe today. I'm not sure why it intrigued me but in a new healthy cooking magazine I get, there was a recipe for Curry Chicken Soup. Now, I've never really had Indian food and not truly sure if I've ever had anything with curry in it but my mind thought this would be a good opportunity to try it. For decisions like these, I should really kick my mind's ass.

Now, the soup wasn't just wasn't good. I think it was the curry though. Other than that, I think this could be a good chicken/vegetable/tomato-type soup. I would've had another bowl to freeze and have later but it just wasn't worth it. I did get some of the chicken pieces out because I didn't want to waste that but the rest went down the garbage disposal. I'm also really hoping the curry doesn't turn against me and turn my digestive system into a bubbling cauldron of stinking dreadfulness. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Other than that, it was a nice day. Got groceries, did laundry, cleaned up a few things and bought some flannel sheets for the bed. JCPenney's was having a good sale and I got some $60 sheets for $23.99. I picked up 2 sets. It still isn't cold enough consistently for them but soon, very soon.

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Jason said...

"turn my digestive system into a bubbling cauldron of stinking dreadfulness."

Quote of the week, hands down.