Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Interview

I'll start off by saying I didn't take the stairs this morning. I was too nervous from having my EOM interview later in the morning. I also didn't want to start sweating or anything because I would start doing that taking the stairs.

Anyways, I think the interview went alright. I answered their questions and thought I did so very effectively. It was weird that there were 3 people from last year's committee that were there either filling in for others or still on there. I liked it though and my day was pretty good otherwise. Tomorrow morning at 9:45 is the announcement of the winner so maybe I'll have some good news tomorrow night. I'll still be going to work out in the morning and I plan on making it a good one.

I'm ready for the weekend although I also have to come up with a speech idea for Toastmasters on Tuesday. I need a 5-7 minute speech put together by then. I know I'll figure it out over the weekend, I just need a topic though.

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