Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

I didn't go to the gym today. As I've said, Mon-Wed-Fri for now. I slept pretty well last night but I was pretty tired. I was a little sore today but nothing too bad. Just a little soreness through the upper chest which I figured would happen. I will be going again tomorrow morning so I am a little excited. Going to do some weights again and the elliptical. I really like the elliptical machines so time seems to go by quickly for me. That makes the cardio work a whole lot easier in the grand scheme of it all.

My eating has remained good and I'm going off of a menu I prepared on Sunday so I can stay ahead of everything and get things ready the night before. I've also found myself buying a few cooking magazines that specialize in lower calorie or healthier recipes. I've found quite a few I want to try and I will. This weekend I'm going to try and put together copies of the recipes so that I have them all ready and know what to pick up to make them. That's one way I've been trying to keep myself totally in it, some different recipes and different flavors. I know my friend Jason and his family have been doing that too. It all just gives me something to look forward to and find something new that I can make from time to time.

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