Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Bringin' Sexy Back

Oh yea! Just like JT and TJ, I'm bringing sexy back!! With all this weight I'm losing, I'm starting to get lots of comments. Several compliments in the last few days which have made me feel pretty awesome which makes me want to kick more butt. Thanks to Stephanie, Cindy, Kari, Teresa, Gayle, Mindy and Denise for all their wonderful thoughts and words of encouragement over the last couple of days. I've also gotten a ton of encouragement from guys I know as well. It really does mean alot and I'm greatly appreciative and thankful to know all of you.

I've been working out really well in the morning and keep feeling better and better. Getting up in the morning is becoming a little easier with each passing day and I'm really beginning to see some results. The waist is shrinking and the confidence is rising. I just feel better about myself. I still have a long way to go but I'm moving in the right way which always makes me feel better.

Tonight I had one of the nights that I would've eaten badly in the past. Work was just kinda rough today and I wound up staying late until about 5:30. On my way home in the past I would have stopped at a drive thru or ordered a pizza once I got home but I just came home tonight and had some 2 lean beef burgers along with some cottage cheese and canned peaches. It's basically the total opposite of what would have transpired in the past. That really makes me feel proud and gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. I still have to keep working at it all and I know this so I can't take something like this for granted but it's a great building block for the future.

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Jason said...

That is awesome. It's hard behaving yourself after a rough day, back at home, no one's around. Your willpower is inspiring. And hearing those comments are so energizing!