Sunday, September 26, 2010

9 Points

Sunday has been pretty good to me so far. I slept pretty well last night to start it off. Did a few things around here this morning and had some chili for lunch. That's still some good chili. The Cowboys won to avoid going 0-3....thank GOD! Three of my fantasy teams have already won for the week and then there's the one in the league with my brother. The Sunday night game is just starting and I need 9 points from Shonn Greene to beat Mike. So I'm rooting hard for this because it'll make me avoid going 0-3 in a league where I've scored alot of points so far.

I know, I know, someone talking about fantasy football isn't very exciting. Well, it's my blog and deal with it! HAHA! Just kidding. I made a homemade tomato soup recipe that my friends Jason and Sarah sent me. I thought it would make more but it was pretty good. Made 2 bowls so I froze one for later. It was tasty though. Just a little bit ago I rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes and went a distance of 7.8 miles. I feel pretty good though so that's nice.

I hope to have a couple pound weight loss tomorrow, I'd be very happy with that. That would be a really great way to start the week out for me. I'm just doing everything I can and I'm feeling like things are going well. I'm very hopeful for the next few weeks and maybe some of the big changes I'll be making with the gym and trying to exercise more.

T-Minus: 7 days

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Jason said...

That was our complaint too, it made too little. It uses a lot of tomatoes! Glad you liked it, though.