Monday, September 6, 2010

I Think I Have A Blister

It's been a really good day off. Didn't really get a "nap" but rested some while trying to fall asleep. Probably for the best that I didn't because it would be harder for me to get to sleep tonight. Earlier today I went for a walk around the Westchester subdivision. Round trip to my apartment was about 2.75 miles so that was pretty good. My legs were tired and a little sore but not going as far as I did on Saturday was probably a good idea. And yes, I think I have a blister forming on the bottom/side of my right foot.....that SUCKS!

Anyways, it's been a really good Labor Day Weekend and I'm very happy with my weight loss for this past week. I'm almost through 2 months and things are going along very well and I'm proud of my progress. There is still a long way to go and I'm keeping my eye on those goals but the best thing I'm really doing is keeping my eye on short-term goals and just getting to those. This way, I don't get discouraged because I'm not to 100 pounds lost yet or anything like that. One day at a pound at a time. Looking at that way can be tough sometimes because we all want "problems" to be solved quickly but I didn't put all this weight on in one day, it's not all gonna come off in one day. Perspective is very important for me right now. I'm liking myself and respecting myself alot more right now and that's just as important as any individual pound that's lost.

Wow, that was kind of deep for me.

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melton7216 said...

You should be proud of yourself. I know we are.